2 Cameras @ Sea

Director: Clive Holden
Music by Oscar van Dillen

Toronto-based filmmaker and poet Clive Holden and Rotterdam composer Oscar van Dillen's 2 Cameras @ Sea focuses on the waves: from reflections by the filmmaker's father on his growing up on the Irish coast, to footage of Vancouver Island coastal landscapes, to recordings of the North Sea off the Dutch Coast.

Clive Holden is a Canadian artist whose cinema, literary and photo-based, multi-year projects include Trains of Winnipeg (2001-2006) and the Utopia Suite project (2006-2010). His work crosses boundaries between media and genres such as film, video, music, web culture and new forms of literature. A native of Victoria, he lives in Toronto with his wife, novelist Alissa York. His films have been official selections at Images Festival in Toronto, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Toronto International Film Festival's Future Projections, the London International Film Festival, transmediale in Berlin, CPH:DOX Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival (winner of the New Vision Award), Anthology Film Archives in New York, the Danish Film Institute, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the European Media Art Festival and the 50th Annual Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, and at arts festivals such as the Holland Festival in Amsterdam, Send + Receive � a Festival of Sound in Winnipeg, and the Kosmopolis Festa Internacional de la Literatura in Barcelona.

With specialist studies in Classical North Indian and Medieval music as well as training in Jazz, World- and Classical Western music, theory and composition, Rotterdam composer Oscar van Dillen has a broad background on which to draw both in his works and as a professor of music at Codarts University for the Arts. With Mathematics and Architecture among his other studies, he can be regarded as a specialist with a universalist background. He was acclaimed as "a knowledgeable polyglot and a philantropic world citizen" when he served on the international board of directors of Wikimedia, the foundation behind Wikipedia. Oscar van Dillen's musical works are being performed worldwide. Perhaps the Chamber-Symphony de Stad is his best known work, recorded in 2003 in Germany with the composer conducting the work. In The Netherlands he worked with film directors Pieter Jan Smit and Adriaan Lokman. His collaboration with Clive Holden goes back to the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2005. After a screening of Trains of Winnipeg their first encounter immediately led to a frank and lively discussion. This inspiring first meeting gradually developed into a close friendship, and since 2007 they have been working on Utopia Suite, of which 2 Cameras @ Sea is the latest production.

Year: 2008