Reach our audience in print, onscreen and online!

This year, Images Festival will attract more than 30,000 visitors representing an assembly of educated influential consumers. You can speak directly to the Images Festival community by advertising in our festival catalogue, on screen and online. 

Print Ad:
5,000 FREE copies are widely distributed throughout key locations in Toronto and abroad with 100% pick up.

Screen Slide:
Include your ad to be screened before EACH of our screenings to reach an audience of 15,000+. There are a maximum of 15 slides, each slide is given minimum 2 minutes of screen time before each screening.

Web Button or Banner:
Tap into year-round online exposure with a web button or banner on our high-traffic website with hotlinks to your site. Over 60,000 distinct visits in April 2019 alone.

For sales and booking information, please contact:
Milada Kovacova
Advertising Sales Manager