About Our Charity

The Images Festival’s mandate is to present and promote excellence in independent film, video and other time-based work; to expand the definitions of media art and art in general; and to expand the audience for independent media art.

Established in 1987, Images Festival is the largest and most important independent media arts event North America showcasing international creativity, excellence and innovation both on and off the screen. Each year, some of the world’s most influential and challenging artists show their newest work at Images, including more than 200 films, videos, installations, new media, sound, live music events and performances.

Support Us

Images Festival owes much of its success to our generous supporters. With your contribution, Images will continue to foster our growing appreciations for diverse, independent and emerging perspectives in Canada. Images was created in response to issues of accessibility, breaking down barriers created by industry conventions. From the beginning, the organization championed alternatives to mainstream media, and fought to open up dialogue around issues of race, culture, gender and sexuality in media and art. Images is founded on a passionate arts community who see the moving image as a gateway for expression, social growth, and critical dialogue.

The Images Festival is 90% run by volunteers.

What People Are Saying

"I've been a filmmaker for over a decade, but only recently have I begun to identify explicitly as an experimental filmmaker. It has been an affirmation beyond my wildest dreams to be programmed alongside so may brazen, dazzling, stirring and challenging films." 

- Caitlyn Craggs, York University Award for Best Student Work on Screen

"Images' spirit of counter-hegemonic representation, celebrating the unseen deeply moved me. This year's Images has inspired me to engage more with the current affairs of the world." 

- Weibin Wang, Steam Whistle Homebrew Award

"The festival has been very generous and supportive of my work these past few years and with the sentiment of the award and the spirit of the festival. I feel humbled and proud to be one amongst the multitude of voices given stage and space for expression, insight, and community." 

- Sky Hopinka

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