Images Festival Call for OFF SCREEN & LIVE Submissions 

Images Festival is pleased to open our call for OFF SCREEN and LIVE submissions that accepts program and exhibition proposals for cinema screenings and gallery exhibitions on a rolling basis. 

Proposals will be reviewed in the summer and early fall over an extended period of planning as the festival’s program and presenting partnerships begin to take form.

Proposals received in one review cycle may not be conceptually complementary or logistically possible for the upcoming festival year. However, the removal of a fixed submission deadline allows Images to consider proposals in greater depth, assess capacity, and prepare to seek funding and partnerships to meaningfully support the realisation of the presentations. 


Images Festival annually exhibits film and video installations, media-based performances, and online work alongside its ON SCREEN program of film and video works. For the OFF SCREEN and LIVE segments of the festival, Images partners with GTA-based galleries, production centres, and other organizations.

Images presents work that counters dominant mainstream narratives and provides alternative ways of thinking and seeing that expands the understanding of media art through our programming and education-based initiatives. 

Images Festival does not select films based on any particular themes, genres or aesthetic categories but selects moving image works that share formal and political sensibilities which emerge from recent critical discourses between contemporary art, cinema and media arts. 



The 33rd edition of Images Festival will take place between April 16 to 22, 2020.




All works related to the moving image, interactive processes, expanded/live cinema, and digital media are eligible for entry. 

Images Festival will consider recent works. Generally, this is defined as being made within the last three years, but we ask artists to use their best judgment on how to define what is recent and relevant.

Artists maintain copyright control. 

SINGLE CHANNEL WORKS FOR PRESENTATION IN A CINEMA ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. These types of works can be submitted to our annual call for ON SCREEN submissions. ON SCREEN submissions submitted through our OFF SCREEN category will not be considered for review. If you have any questions about whether or not your project meets our mandate and capacity to exhibit (particularly for those which require a great deal of technical support and/or very large exhibition spaces), please do not hesitate to send us an email with any questions to 

We encourage presenters to consider the power dynamics and ethics implicit in their work, particularly in the representation of the structurally marginalized, including racial, sexual, gendered minorities, and vulnerable persons.


There is no entry fee; limit of 2 entries per person. If additional works are submitted, only the first two will be reviewed.


Images Festival follows CARFAC guidelines for suggested artist payments. Please consult their fee schedule for exact details.


Please include the following material including links and/or images and your CV formatted as one PDF:

Please send a PDF file named in the following format (as applicable):



For example:



Please upload preview copies of time-based work(s) or documentation to Vimeo. The password(s) should be active from the date of submission for a period of at least one year. Following a period of one year, the festival team will make attempts to contact the filmmaker if we encounter broken links and expired, or incorrectly entered, passwords.

We only accept digital preview copies as we do not have the capacity to view analogue prints in their original formats. 


Please prepare your documents in PDF format and email your project proposals to with the subject heading: 

OFF Screen Submission - [Name] / LIVE Submission - [Name]


Please do not call the office to inquire about the status of your submission. We are a small programming team and unable to extend feedback if your proposal is not selected. 

For example, if we receive a proposal in February 2020, it will be considered for festival programming in 2021, 2022, and 2023. 

If your submission is selected, you will be notified between the months of June to October for exhibition in April of the following year or, alternatively, for year-round programming.

We will keep proposals on file for a period of up to three years. You may withdraw your proposal at any time should another venue or opportunity arise for the project to be realized. 



Once your proposal has been accepted, the programming team will contact you to reconfirm the title, location, exhibition formats, artist bio, credits and technical specifications of your project. Program copy, artist bios and other information is subject to modification at the festival's discretion.


Formats for gallery presentation are at the discretion of the artist and their collaborators. Images Festival and our presenting partners will strive for highest quality of presentation for the formats proposed, budget permitting. 

Works in languages other than English must be subtitled for exhibition. 


If your work offers open captioning or audio description, please let us know us so we can take this into account when scheduling the venue and/or technical logistics. Images strives to arrange marketing, communications, outreach and budget for the planning of relevant accommodations for discursive program(s) such as artist talks. 

In the application notes, please also let us know if there are content warnings and/or trigger warnings that apply to your submission. These may include content that evokes or portrays sexual violence, violence against children, self-harm, war trauma, and police brutality as well as stylistic choices that may potentially trigger photosensitive viewers such as strobing effects. Please note that if your film is selected and the programming team deems that a warning is necessary for its presentation, we will bring this to your attention. 

You can read more information on the concept of content warnings and trigger warnings here.


The preview link submitted to the festival will be distributed to press outlets and independent critics in the weeks leading up to, during, and up to six weeks after the festival. If there are any changes to your link, please contact the Programming Assistant at


The scheduling of programming is at the discretion of the festival. 


Shipping falls under the purview of partnering galleries or venue, project budget permitting.  


Insurance falls under the purview of partnering galleries or venue, project budget permitting.  


All community participants, including members and guests of members, event hosts, sponsors, presenters, exhibitors and attendees, are expected to abide by the Images Festival Code of Conduct and cooperate with organizers who enforce it.

Images Festival insists that everyone who uses the spaces remains mindful of, and takes responsibility for, their speech and behavior. 

We embrace respect and concern for the free expression of others, but will not tolerate words or actions that are racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, classist, transphobic, cissexist, or ableist.

Respecting physical and emotional boundaries, we do not accept oppressive behavior, harassment, destructive behavior, or exclusionary actions.

Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Anyone who engages in sustained unacceptable behavior may be sanctioned or permanently expelled from the screening or event without refund in the case of a paid event.


Contact us with any questions at 

Please ensure we have your current email address on file if it changes between the date of submission and this time. Please contact us immediately if it has changed since the date of submission.