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Philip Scheffner
3 March–31 May

Havarie traces a complex network of political, geographic, and affective relations orbiting around a visible centre: a three-minute YouTube video of a tiny boat jammed full of refugees attempting passage to Europe. Stretched to feature length, each of its frames displayed as a discrete object, the visual material accumulates a density of meaning as the audio track becomes populated with a cast of voices, including passengers on both crafts—the refugee boat, and the luxury cruise ship from which the video was shot. An Algerian woman living in France speaks about her decade-long immigration and her imminent deportation; a Ukrainian cargo ship captain reflects on his separation from his family and the political tensions among the transnational crew; while other migrants speak about their desire for Europe, the things they are fleeing, and their repeated attempts at passage. (The extreme, near-geologic temporality of the image registers visual events as tectonic shifts, while what is visible becomes increasingly entangled in an ever-more expansive and open web of relations.) Havarie is both a document of Afro-European migration and a formal experiment in documentary aesthetics.

Gallery Hours:
Tue 1–6 PM
Wed–Thu 3–7:30 PM
Sat 9:30 AM–1:30 PM

Co-presented in partnership with

Saturday March 3rd , 2018 , 7:00pm - 9:00pm



The full program for the 2018 Images Festival will be announced on March 15th at the Images Festival Programming Launch presented in conjunction with the opening of Trisha Baga’s exhibition at Gallery TPW

    Thursday March 15th , 2018 , 5:00pm - Thursday February 15th , 2018 , 1:00am

    Press Launch


    7:00 - 9:00PM Opening Reception of the exhibition 9:00 - 11:00PM Karaoke Pizza Party with Trisha Baga


    Images Festival’s newly appointed Head of Programming Aily Nash will discuss upcoming screenings, exhibitions, and performances of the 2018 festival schedule with returning Executive Director Heather Keung! Take this opportunity to meet AilyFollowing the press and programming launch is the opening reception of , the first Canadian solo-exhibition by Trisha Baga co-curated and co-presented with Gallery TPW.


    , Trisha Baga will host a group karaoke party in the gallery. Help us celebrate the 31st edition of Images Festival with a night of singing and snacks.


      Thursday March 15th , 2018 , 5:30pm - 11:00pm

      Images Festival 2018 Programming Launch


      Trisha Baga
      15 March-21 April

      With Biologue, American artist Trisha Baga extends her recent work into a new two-part video installation. Throughout the work, cells subdivide via mitosis, languages collapse into phonemes and misheard sounds, objects dissolve into detritus, and digital images shatter into pixels and artifacts. While preoccupied with these processes of fragmentation, Baga is equally invested in reassembling and recombining their elements into new narratives. Biologue collages video footage of the artist’s family road trip through the Philippines , audio from Hollywood soundtracks, and objects both readymade and hand-crafted. A circuitous journey that reflects how culture and its signs travel and shift, Baga’s work alludes to Philippine history and the layers of colonialism the country has endured, and considers the resulting cultural and aesthetic osmosis through repeated translations and mistranslations. Baga collapses disparate spaces and languages, creating an immersive 3D-video environment that playfully explores the promise of “immersion” across both physical and virtual spaces. Biologue invites viewers to become subsumed in itsflows , and to make meaning from simultaneous but diverging sensory and perceptual experiences.

      Gallery Hours:
      Tue–Sat 12–5 PM

      Co-curated and co-presented by

      Thursday March 15th , 2018 , 7:00pm - 9:00pm


      Gallery TPW

      170 St Helens Ave


      Annie MacDonell and Maïder Fortuné
      Curated by
      Leila Timmins
      23 March–28 April

      Communicating Vessels is a newly commissioned work consisting of writing, video, and sculpture produced in collaboration between Annie MacDonell and Maïder Fortuné following the premise that water will always find its level, the term Communicating Vessels describes the way liquid moves between conjoined containers: gravity and pressure conspire to keep the surfaces aligned, pulling the shared liquid back and forth until the separate vessels come into balance. like the relationship between a mother and a child or fluid passed from mouth to mouth, meaning, intention, and understanding constantly flow back and forth between us. it is the fundamental connectedness of all things, how ideas migrate and shapes shift, and the possibility of individuation without individualism. Bringing together fictional narrative, personal anecdote, and private conversation, Communicating Vessels explores how we infect and influence each other in ways that are both positive and negative, yet always urgent and necessary.

      –Leila Timmins

      Gallery Hours:
      Tue–Sat 11 Am–5 pm

      Co-presented in partnership with

      Friday March 23rd , 2018 , 6:00pm - 8:00pm

      Communicating Vessels