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All Events on April 19, 2018

Filipa César

The resurrection of an archive of decaying film reels, shot during the revolutionary and post-revolutionary period in Guinea-Bissau, serves as the starting point for an archaeology of lost futures. Portuguese artist Filipa César collaborated with Bissau- Guinean filmmakers Sana Na N’hada and Flora Gomes, who were part of a group sent to Cuba to study filmmaking during the revolution and later tutored by Chris Marker, to organize and document the archive’s dissemination through a series of screenings, both in Europe and its country of origin. Rather than seeking to reconstitute the archive as a rarefied object restored to its original state, the material in Spell Reel is treated as an active element, a link not only to the past but to a revolutionary futurity whose charge it still holds.

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Thursday April 19th , 2018 , 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Spell Reel

Innis Town Hall

2 Sussex Ave


Works by Toronto artists
Guest curated program by Alexandra Gelis

If redaction is a process of editing documents, in which the removal of sensitive information is typically replaced with black rectangles—an act of sanitization for documents to circulate to a broader audience—then this removal of what cannot be shared renders every document radically incomplete.

On occasion, the persons performing the redaction, the redactors, add brief elements of their own, covering and uncovering. The works in this program deal with radical interrogations of power, the body, the collective, the political, and the land, inviting different sensibilities to this fundamental recognition, and re-representation of incompleteness.

—Alexandra Gelis

The Bed and the Street
Heather Frise and Mike Hoolboom

Bodies in Motion
Rehab Nazzal

Kami Chisholm

the coyotes must see the
Midi Onodera

Josephine Massarella

Weibin Wang

Rebecca Baird

Thirza Cuthand is an Indian Within the Meaning of the Indian Act
Thirza Cuthand

Down the Drain
Midi Onodera

Recreactions (From The House in Ruins 1 of 2)
Jorge Lozano

Dan Browne

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Rebecca Garrett

Co-presented in partnership with

Thursday April 19th , 2018 , 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Redacting Bodies

Innis Town Hall

2 Sussex Ave


Join us after the evening's screenings for a chance to meet and greet our festival artists and fellow festivalgoers.

    Thursday April 19th , 2018 , 11:00pm - 2:00am

    Post-Screening Lounge