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All Events on April 6, 2018

Onyeka Igwe and Aliya Pabani
6 April-28 April

The Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario administers restrictions on materials that can be sent to detainees. Among the forbidden items are photographs of any correctional institution/facility—a restriction Igwe and Pabani chose to subvert.

Corrections originates from a series of lenticular postcards depicting correctional facilities that Igwe and Pabani sent to the Central East Correctional Centre. Correspondence that violated this policy was returned to the artists, accompanied by a form from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and handwritten notes by the mailroom employee tasked with deciding what constitutes an admissible representation of a correctional facility. The services of a graphologist were employed by the artists to develop psychological profiles of this employee based on their handwriting.

The exhibition includes a multi-channel video installation that charts the correspondence of images and text from the year 2000 to the speculative 2025, reflecting adaptations to the function and purpose of incarceration over space and time while questioning the limits of visual representation.

–Onyeka Igwe and Aliya Pabani

Onyeka Igwe and Aliya Pabani will be in conversation on Tue 17 April

Gallery Hours:
Tue–Sat 12–6 PM

Co-presented in partnership with

Friday April 6th , 2018 , 6:00pm - 8:00pm



Sonia Beckwith-Cole, Dylan Glynn, Kai Lumbang, Asunee Kira Reau, and Nicole Ji Soo
Guest curated by Amanda Low and Philip Ocampo
6 April-5 May

As demonstrated by the fantastical worlds created by studio giants, animation is a powerful exploratory tool that allows viewers, for a brief moment, through their screens, to imagine worlds beyond their own. the ever-changing stylization of characters, objects, and environments continuously presents us with alternate realities. what happens when you take this grandeur and extend it beyond the single-channel screen and into three dimensions? what happens when the viewer becomes the explorer? Expedition: Elsewhere moves the viewing experience beyond the act of just gazing: spatial integration allows the animator to transport the body into the realities they create, and to inspire awe and wonder on a more expansive scale.

Expedition: Elsewhere aims to take advantage of animation’s ability to push the boundaries of reality with five artworks that reach beyond the perceived limitations of the medium.

–Amanda Low and Philip Ocampo

Gallery Hours:
Tue–Sat 12–6 pm

Co-presented in partnership with

Friday April 6th , 2018 , 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Expedition: Elsewhere