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All Events on April 8, 2018

8 April 8–3 June

In her first museum exhibition in Canada, Vancouver-born artist Sara Cwynar presents her acclaimed works Soft Film (2016) and Rose Gold (2017) alongside the debut of her newest film. Through her canny use of voice-over, fast-moving collage, and footage of the artist herself working in the studio, Cwynar’s densely layered films sift through a range of subjects of unmistakable relevance to our current image saturated moment, including the circulation and value of objects over time, the potent emotional and aspirational charge of material consumption, our relationship to technology and advertising culture, and colour as an object of desire. Cwynar’s photographic works, also on view here, expand on these themes, asking critical questions about the power politics at play in the distribution and consumption of images and things.

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Sunday April 8th , 2018 , 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Sara Cwynar

Oakville Galleries

120 Navy Street, Oakville