Do you know Gary?

In 1984 music producer Gary Davis left an early recording success in New Jersey and New York City for a fresh start in Florida. From his new home he got to work making over 40 feature length kung-fu, zombie, and blaxploitation movies, while also helping birth a new sound in music: Miami booty bass. Featuring an eccentric cast of locals, Gary paints a fever dream portrait of this determined artist.

Simon Mercer received an MA in film theory under the supervision of feminist film scholar Laura Mulvey. He has since made numerous experimental documentaries and films about filmmakers living on the margins, as well as music videos for artists including Dean Blunt, Babyfather, Actress and the Junior Boys.

Gary, Simon Mercer
World Premiere, Canada/UK, 2019, digital, 60 min, English

Image: Simon Mercer, Gary, 2019.

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15 April 2019 07:30PM

Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave