In Conversation: Arnait Video Collective + Candice Hopkins

Join us for Arnait's conversation with Candace Hopkins on the occassion of their exhibition Arnait Ikajurtigiit: Women helping each other.

Arnait Video Productions values the unique culture and voices of Inuit women, opening discussions with Canadians of all origins. Since its beginnings in 1991, Arnait has followed a trajectory revealing the originality of its producers. From a strong desire to express cultural values in Canada, Arnait continually addresses the context of their work and lives. Often working in precarious social conditions, the sheer endurance required on the part of the members of Arnait to produce these video documents testify to the importance of the project in their lives. The films celebrate the specificity of the culture of women in Igloolik: some are interviews, some are reenactments of traditional activities, and others are cinematic features. Because of this, their stories of endurance resonate with audiences around the world. Arnait Ikajurtigiit: Women helping each other offers us strength, grace, humour, resilience, and a model for learning by doing. This body of work, developed over nearly three decades, is a rigorous, relevant contribution to the field of contemporary art. Including films, objects, and photos, the exhibition shows how Inuit life continues to change and adapt in reaction to Western influences from the exceptional perspective of women of Igloolik.

Image: Susan Avingaq, Art Director on the set of Before Tomorrow in Puvirnituq. Photo by Oana Spinu. Courtesy of Arnait Video Productions ©

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18 April 2019 12:00PM

Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space
401 Richmond St W Suite #440